Whatsapp Sender Pro V8.1

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WhatsApp Sender 2019 is a software to send campaigns and direct client targeting send WhatsApp messages and target your customer directly and provide your sales. This software can send (Text – image – video – voice – documents)!

Mission of the program is Send your WhatsApp campaigns and target the client directly via WhatsApp website and work via mobile or an android simulator on your computer. Our top priority is to provide excellent service to you to make the most of the program to serve your business and your activity.

Whatsapp Sender Pro V8.1


Whatsapp Sender Pro Latest Version V 8.1 – Bulk Whats App Sender Pro


Whastapp Sender Pro Send text messages .. Messages text and image .. Text and video .. Image only .. Video .. Files .. Files audio
Filtering the number of figures to see the available and accurately calculated 100%
The possibility of sending the message on behalf of the company or on behalf of the client
Record a detailed report by time and date.

You can send using the program from your mobile phone or from the android simulator on your computer.
Generate random numbers in any quantity + Add state code to any number of numbers
Sending speed 20 messages / minutes without saving numbers on mobile
The search for the acquisition groups and the extraction of subscribers.
Four modes of Sending: Individual sender Two methods by groups (to show the company name) sending by Forward.
Report – Whatsapp Sender Pro Once Campaign Accomplished, Export the results to Excel or Text Files a click away.
And many more others features.


Whatsapp Sender Pro V8.1

New Features :

🧩 Update Release:

Full Awesome Features:

✅ New Features:
– vCard Importer:Import vCard to Contact list in software
– Resuming: Resume Sending with no need to delete Reports.
– Sending to Recipients with Names: Dear (his or her name)

✅ Senders/Channels Auto Switcher (Blocking Defender)
– Store Unlimited Senders/Channels in software.
– Auto Switch between senders through sending.
– Control Option for Delay between switching senders.

✅ Random Sending: (Blocking Defender)
Multi methods for sending messages:
– Image and caption in 1 message.
– Image and text in 1 message.
– Image THEN wait a second and send Text.
– Image THEN wait a second and send a line text then wait a second and send next line .. and so on.

✅ Spintax Feature: (Blocking Defender)
Auto replace some words in message content to avoid blocking:
Auto change (Hi) to : (Hello) (Good day) (hola) ..etc. – avoid blocking.
Auto change (contact) to : (call us) (talk to us) (more details) ..etc. – avoid blocking


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